Wednesday, 12 February 2014


my name is charlie and i take photos, that's probably the most straight forward statement i have made in my entire life (i am not a straight forward person). i'm an art student (enter multiple cliches) studying in London, i like to wander about as i'm a bit of a nomad and take a lot of pictures. I've started up this blog for multiple reasons. Numero Uno, my life is a bit of a mess and i have decided that i need to be more consistent, create some form of online babbling mess with an eventual structure. Numero Dos I have just applied to Intern at an incredible magazine (fingers crossed) one of those chunky fashion bibles you spend all your pocket money on to buy. Finally Numero Tres I have way too much free time at the moment, thats not spent re organizing my wardrobe, watching girls or pretending to myself that yes I will go to the gym in a bit. So if that sounds vaguely interesting to you, keep an eye on this space and I will try my very best to let you know how its going.


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