Sunday, 22 June 2014

Seize the Night

I  came to budapest with the intention of staying four nights, I have only just returned home after a month of partying and working with a group of the most incredible people I have ever met. Budapest is a city that a lot of people use to stop off at in between travels, they may have heard rumors that its a cool place and book in for a night or two. Little do they know its a party city that equals the reputation of Prague and Berlin. It is a ridiculously cool place where anything goes, you can party on a boat down the danube river, or get absolutely trashed in some roman thermal baths (which you cannot do anywhere else) Budapest is hands down my favourite city in Europe by far, I will now never have a great holiday again unless it is there because my expectations of fun are now so high. At least half of the reason for having the best trip in the world was the hostel I was staying in which is Carpe Noctum Vitae  (click on the link and you can book right now) Vitae literally became a home to me after a few days when I joined the team as staff. Saying they are like a family to me does not even begin to cover how much I love every person there. As a guest you are treated so well, these people hang out and get to know you because they want to, not have to, they will become your best friends. The hostel is so fun to hang out in that even on days off pretty much every staff member stays in to chill with guests and start up balcony parties. I remember saying that I wanted to see the city but in the end it didnt really matter that much to me because all of the city i wanted to see was in the hostel (V3 rooms) 

While I have never been sadder to leave a place, the thing that keeps me going is knowing that this wont be goodbye forever, I cant think of one guest that didn't extend while I was there which sums up how much of a great place Vitae is. You won't ever want to go home. 

If you don't visit, your dumb. cause you will fall in love with this place too. 

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